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Patreon Corner

Words are not enough to show our gratitude for your support with this project, but hopefully some recognition will help you feel valued. Thanks to you, we can make our podcast even better by adding additional resources, material, and professionality. 

For your support, your name will appear here for all to see. Take a screen shot of this and brag to all your friends on how you help six starving middle aged children on the West Coast of BC fund their dreams. Unfortunately, we won't be sending out tax receipts for this charitable donation...

If You Want To Become A Patreon Supporter, Click HERE 

Dario's Congregation

Dario's smooth talking teachings of Myrkul have seduced you into joining his cult..err...uh, congregation.

Beth Connelly

Nevlin's Repeat Shoppers

So you got scammed into buying some snake oil for that itchy rash you have on your... well, you know. 


Derek Steffan

Hazell Udy

Fluffybum Turophiles

Your sense of taste and smell is superb, just make sure to open a window before you go to bed tonight.

Deb Steffan

Darcey Linden

Colleen Goodrich

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